Dragonflies and Tiger Lilies

Dragonflies and Tiger Lilies

So I’m winding down my Etsy business of selling resin jewellery in favour of teaching people to make their own lovely resin pieces. It was kind of a bitter-sweet decision, but definitely one that I feel good about.

One of my last sales was to a girl who had written to me months ago asking about tiger lily and dragonfly pieces. We touched base again a few weeks ago and I agreed to put together a custom piece for her.


I lied, actually, we hadn’t agreed on anything yet when I went ahead and created something I had in my head – 2 matching pieces with bright orange tiger lily petals and silver dragonfly charms. She had told me in the email that dragonflies and tiger lilies had personal meaning for her, and I really wanted to make something that could be part of that story.


She loved them, and before I ship them I’m including a gift from me – a third pendant, of 2 dragonflies fluttering away above a field of blue flowers with delicate swirls behind. It’s a happy way to end off my last week of Etsy sales. I can’t express the joy it gives me to make someone something meaningful to them personally. That’s what handmade craft is all about.

Click here to check out what’s left – I’ll be taking it all down on Friday! I still accept custom orders so feel free to email me at hello@thebluebrick.ca if you’re interested. If you’re looking to make your own resin jewellery check out my e-book :) From preserving flowers to pouring resin, it’s all in there!


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