Everyday Inspiration – the Carnival Atmosphere

Everyday Inspiration – the Carnival Atmosphere

As you’ve probably gathered, Tito and I are photographers :) We travel, both within Ontario and around the world (often on shoestring budgets, it can be done!) documenting and being inspired. In my day job I work in a design firm, and my other hobbies include pottery, jewelry and painting. Tito is also a painter, and sculptor. To me, it is this cross pollination from different disciplines that allows me to be inspired by photography, and also to recreate those colours and impressions on yarn. I consider myself to be a designer foremost, and my medium of the moment, whether it be yarn, resin or paint, to be a secondary consideration.

Today I wanted to share an inspiring little shoot that we did not too far from home; at the Canadian National Exhibition. For those of you who don’t live in Toronto; the CNE is an annual tradition, the closing of summer, the airshow, rides, food combos to turn the bravest stomachs (I think this year it was a double cheeseburger with fried chicken in between two beef patties, or some such horror) and a traditional carnival atmosphere on the fairway that, to me, easily beats our other major theme park for atmosphere and ambience.

Every year Tito and I visit the CNE on a date night with our cameras. Every year we shoot something a little different. This year I took a tilt-shift lens to experiment with selective focus and how that can change the mood of an image. Here are some of my favourite results; I don’t know yet if they will translate well to yarn, but I love the atmosphere of the shots. Enjoy!

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