Wedding Bells <3 <3

Wedding Bells <3 <3

In exactly one month, Tito and I are getting married!


My partner in crime, my adventure buddy, my muse, my travel companion, and the willing participant in all my crazy schemes… Tito is perfect for me.


He’s also my balance, my calm place, my reminder to take it easy. He’s willing to look stupid for a photo, hold onto my legs while I hang over a cliff, and untangle my yarn when a 1000 yard skein of lace goes awry.


He will willingly ferry a carload of karate students to a seminar, hold up my punching pads and be my cheering section.


He can hack out a solution to any engineering challenge and plot a course to any obscure waterfall. He is still full of wonderment, of adventure, of curiosity, and of love.


He’s my guy <3 in one month, he’ll be my husband. I’m a lucky gal.

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