Evil Boxes of Fluff

Evil Boxes of Fluff

There is a box with a spindle and some fluff sitting in a corner of the apartment that I’ve cast guilty looks at every evening for weeks. I thought ‘I’ve let it go so long I probably suck at it now, better to not open the box and find out!’. I’ve been travelling so much that spinning has really taken a hit.

Last weekend I resolved to confront the evil box of guilt-inducing fluff and opened it up and gave it a try. I achieved something that felt like Malabrigo Rasta’s obese brother. I swatched it anyways, and even on 8mm I was pushing it. I thought ‘I can do better than this’. I did it again.

This time, something that was officially a bulky yarn, and actually knittable! 6mm needles gave me this swatch. I knew I could do still better. I was getting the hang of this fluff, and showing it who was boss.

At last… the worsted weight. Comfortable on 4.5mm needles and I think with enough of it I could actually make something.

This all made me want a wheel, but alas that’s out of the budget right now. However, I feel good about the progress.

I felt so good that when I took time out in Vancouver to visit a yarn store (in search of Sweet Georgia yarn of course) I surprised myself by purchasing roving instead. I got these 2 gorgeous colours from a company called ‘Two Sisters’.

And of course one skein of Sweet Georgia ;)

With these I hope to finally use the beautiful bottom whorl spindle gifted to me by my pen pals in Boston. Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

And of course, while I was shooting I finally took pictures of the other, even more beautiful spindle that was gifted to me from my pen pals – this one is from monks in the Bedouin desert. I love it because it reminds me that very little is needed for beautiful spinning!

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