Fiber Tour Stop 1 – Knit Purl Portland

Fiber Tour Stop 1 – Knit Purl Portland


Knit Purl is a shop that, for a start, looks very awesome from the outside. I can say this because the first time we found it was on July 4th–so I spent lots of time looking through the windows and wanting very much to be inside.


The store has a very warm atmosphere, with a big knitting table at one side and a fabulous selection. The staff are super friendly and showed me around the brands that were local to them, as well as an entire wall of Shibui, which is their sister company.


It’s a pretty posh little knitting store, and I ended up choosing one skein of Fiber Spate, which (as fas as I’ve seen) you can’t get in Toronto.  It’s a generously sized plum coloured silk lace weight (only one skein you say? Well, I did have at least 3 more stores to get through…).

IMG_7089 DSCF0250

If you are vacationing in Portland and you decide to have a look for Knit-Purl, you only have to walk directly away from the river along SW Alder Street for a few blocks to find them right on the corner. Check them out online for more details!