The “should-haves” downward spiral

The “should-haves” downward spiral

My friend Caroline is battling cancer, and wrote this touching post about our day together which I spent teaching her to knit (What better companion for hospital waits and exhausted days?). She is inspiring, and a fighter. If you’re in Toronto, there is a fundraiser to help Caroline offset the costs of her treatment, which will include live entertainment, a silent auction (including resin jewellery!) and a performance of the High Heel Revolution that is sure to be awesome!

Check out if you want more information :)

Cancer Chose The Wrong Woman To F%$! With

10:45pm. July 16th 2014. 

How I’m feeling: I’m exhausted. I did two things instead of one today (and I also had a 3rd set of plans scheduled – that I didn’t make it to). I don’t regret following through with my two plans – as I had a really great time – but I know I pushed myself too hard. I know I should have stopped the moment I started tuning out in the middle of conversations during my first set of plans. Also, my mouth cankers (a chemo side-effect) came back – on my tongue and left side of my mouth and they are quite painful. After this post, I’m going to get ready for bed. I have three sets of plans tomorrow, that I’m likely going to have to chop down to two or one. It’s not easy having such a limited supply of energy and focus juice…

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