First sweater… almost there!

First sweater… almost there!

Just a quickie post today because I’m dying to show my progress even though it’s not done…

6 balls of TFA Green label Sunset, and a relatively simple top down cardi. Some waist, neckline and sleeve shaping (new to me) and what I believe is called Raglan sleeves. I’ve had to work with my old friends, the DPNs for the sleeve shaping. You can see a lighter band around the chest area, there is a slight colour shift where I switched skeins. I don’t mind it, and after blocking it might be more subtle. TFA yarn is all hand dyed goodness, so some variation is expected I’m sure – and I’ve heard that you can ‘stripe’ your knitting to achieve consistency with hand dyed yarns – does anyone know how to do this? Email me if you do!

It feels just a little small when I try it on, but I’m relying (fingers crossed) on my competent swatching. I took care to wash and dry the swatch before measuring because TFA opens up a little after blocking. Therefore, this should fit fine…(how many rookie sweater-knitters have said that, I wonder?)

Still hoping to have it ready for the knitters frolic at the end of April, but likely much much earlier. I still have two balls left, I’m hoping that’s enough for not just the other sleeve, but a hoodie instead of the neckline in the pattern (though if I stick with the pattern I’ll have a bonus ball of TFA left over for other stuff….)

Exciting, right? Well this has taken me over a month so far, and it took me around 7 months just to have the fortitude to select a pattern and start. So I’m pretty excited to have it done with! I’m even planning to make my own lampworked clasp, lets hope it works!

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