Quickie Post – I’m on a roll!

Quickie Post – I’m on a roll!

I was on a yarn bowl roll this weekend – I threw 12 new ones, all in the ‘honey pot’ shape that everyone loves.

These babies will be available for sale at this years Knitters Frolic here in Toronto this spring, at the Purple Purl’s booth.

Speaking of spring, there are so many great things to look forward to!

  • I close on the condo in a little over a month
  • I bought a brand new lens today, can’t wait to try it out!
  • The spring One of a Kind show starts this week
  • Good weather (it’s going to happen. Someday)
  • Tito and I are going to see the Lion King in April
  • I’m taking my family to see Paul Simon in May
  • The Knitters Frolic (did I mention?)
  • My sweater is alllllmooosstt there, one sleeve is done and I’m just starting the 2nd one. Now to make them match!

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