FO – Ocean Fortress Shawl

FO – Ocean Fortress Shawl

This past weekend, with barely 6 inches to spare, I bound off my Age of Brass and Steam kerchief (free on Ravelry, click here for pattern) using my Ocean Fortress Ombré yarn. To say I am delighted is an understatement.



The pattern used up exactly one skein of The Blue Brick Escarpment DK. I overshot it a bit, which is why I had only 6 inches after bind off. The last few minute son the bindoff were hairy, but I regret nothing.


This thing is huge, at least five feet (my armspan) wide. It covers my shoulders nicely and makes a generous neck kerchief. It was like instant gratification to knit too – only 1 skein!


I love how the colours change. I’m totally a sucker for gradient yarn. It’s satisfying on a level I can’t quite describe to watch the colours change, occasionally stepping back to admire the whole.


As a special perk, I knitted this using my awesome new chainmail stitch markers from my friends at Looner Creations :) Stitch markers are only a small part of what they do, if you are into chainmail at all then I definitely recommend checking them out!


Ombré goodness… more to come :)


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