Hand Painted Series – Forks of the Credit, Merrickville, Harbourfront and Collingwood

Hand Painted Series – Forks of the Credit, Merrickville, Harbourfront and Collingwood

These are the last of the new colour ways that I will be featuring in this Friday’s Etsy shop update (starting at 11am EST, no worries if the store looks empty right now, that will change ;)). I was going to split these up over the next two days, but I couldn’t wait to share!

Tito and I went hiking last autumn, and had left home before the sun was even up. By the time we reached the Forks of the Credit river hiking area, the sun was just starting to peek over the trees. The flowers were still curled up and sleeping, covered in morning dew, and I captured this macro shot of New England Aster before it opened for the day.


This one is also from the region of Merrickville; surrounding the town are lots of corn fields, and the last time we drove out that way it was harvest season. I love the golden fields, and the ripe corn ready for harvesting.


This one is a personal favourite of mine. Every winter, the inner harbour (and sometimes the outer harbour) of Lake Ontario freezes over. After a good snowstorm, one of my favourite things to do is bundle up and go walking with my camera before the sun rises. I captured this shot at Toronto’s harbourfront, about half an hour before the sun came up.


Lastly, something bright green :) The first weekend that we had our first car, Tito and I went road tripping with our cameras. We found this lovely wetland area around Collingwood, and this tiny frog was posing for me, sticking his head out of the water and looking right at the camera!


Those are the last of my Ontario-based series yarns for my Etsy launch this Friday :) Hope to see you there! Next up, I think we’ll be expanding our photographic sights to include all of Canada…

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