Launch Day :)

Launch Day :)

Thank you everyone, for the kind words, encouragement and support as we’ve prepared the Blue Brick’s entry into the indie yarn dyer world! This has been a very cool, whirlwind journey that began as an experiment, went viral, and led us to this point.

A few quick notes about our yarn:
Everything will be available in our Etsy shop. The store looks empty at the moment, but that will change at 11 am EST today.

Each skein of Blue Brick yarn is inspired by a photograph taken by us. They are individually hand-painted using acid dyes in a pet-friendly, smoke-free home.

Each skein is handprinted individually, so if you are creating a multi-skein project we recommend striping your yarns to achieve consistency. While every effort is made to colour correct photography, your skein may look slightly different from the one pictured. Hanks may or may not be re-skeined before shipping. Information about each base, including fibre composition and yardage will be be in the write-up.

Speaking of shipping, we are perfectly happy to ship anywhere :) shipping options will be presented at checkout.

With that, I’d like to show off the last colour way for this update, ‘Balls Falls’. Balls Falls (besides having an amusing name) is a beautiful waterfall in the Niagara escarpment area of Ontario, an area that boasts over 115 waterfalls due to its unique geography. I loved this one little spot in particular because of the way the water comes right out of the rock.

And here is a quick recap of all the yarns that will be available today :)

Series-211 Series-210 Series-29 Series-28 Series-27 Series-26 Series-25 Series-24 Series-23 Series-22 Series-2

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