Happy birthday to the Blue Brick!

Happy birthday to the Blue Brick!

It’s been a year since I started this blog – I want to thank everyone who’s been by, subscribed, stumbled here or linked to my work. Thanks to you the blog just passed 38,000 hits. Not bad for 1 year old :)

I had a good year of discovering how much I love to share ideas and art, enjoying sites like craftgawker and Pinterest, discovering my writing ‘voice’ and learning what folks like to read about. There were pleasant surprises like having my yarn bells end up in Canadian Living magazine and having my blog skyrocket past 5000 hits in one day thanks to StumbleUpon picking up on the Long Beach photography. I’ve met (at least via email) super nice people and found all kinds of new products, sites and inspiration.

Here’s to another year of beautiful people and beautiful craft :)


Shireen Nadir - The Blue Brick

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