It’s official, I’m a Ninja.

It’s official, I’m a Ninja.

I passed my Nidan grading :o)

For my crafty cohorts who aren’t familiar with the term, I have been training in Goju Ryu Karate for 14 years, and this past Saturday I tested and passed for my 2nd degree black belt.

This grading was very special to me in many ways. It has been 9 years since I graded last, due to having to change schools many times before finding the perfect fit and having many  injuries that needed to be addressed before I could take on the challenge. I’m proud of myself, and feel deeply content now that it’s over.

My Sensei is credited with supporting, challenging and encouraging myself and the 2 amazing people I graded with. The dojo is fun, relaxed and supportive. I am extremely grateful to have found such a wonderful school.

Here are some shots from the day;

Proof that one can be crafty, and still be badass :)