Happy Spring! New colours :)

Happy Spring! New colours :)

They’re here at last, and there’s at least at little bit of everything in stock. You will notice that two of our old colours, Labradorite and Blue Hour, have been retired (at least for now!). Hope you enjoy these lovelies as much as I enjoyed making them!

Pride is a full spectrum, from violet to burgundy. It’s the first of my ‘Canada 150’ colours, to represent our diversity and inclusiveness as a nation. The photo was taken on Parliament hill last Canada Day.Master_March_201722

Mt Fuji is a deep navy to purple-blue, ending in a bright fuschia with speckles. I climbed Mt Fuji in 2007, climbing overnight to see the sunrise. I’m happy to have finally done something with that hard-won photo!Master_March_201723

Hummingbird fills a long lived gap in our spectrum; greens. I want the green to be rich, but wearable. Strong, but earthy. Hummingbird (shot in Costa Rica) is the result.Master_March_201724

Another long gap we’ve had is bright yellow. Not orang’y or sienna yellow, but a bright, punchy yellow that screams Easter and Springtime. This is Tulip; pink to yellow with pink speckles throughout. Master_March_201725

Lastly, the dark horse of the spring collection, ‘Eggshell’. Based off the gorgeous spectrum  of colour from our friend Kim’s farm, this soft colour goes from cream to mint to a rich chocolate brown. That’s it for the new  kids on the block, enjoy!Master_March_201726

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