How do you like your worsted?

How do you like your worsted?

First of all – thank you to everyone who came out to support us at Festival Twist! We had a fabulous time, and can’t wait for our next show – the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair – hope to see you there!

Now, onto more yarn’y things :) The Blue Brick is planning to bring back worsted – but I’m trying to narrow down in what yardage. It seems to me that one gradient over 200 yards is not a lot, and if you wanted to do a 2-skein cowl or scarf then your gradient would have to mirror (which is possible totally cool). My thought is this: Is anyone interested in oversized worsted skeins? Say 350-400 yards? If 200 yards would sell around $32/skein, then an oversized skein would likely be around $48.

This would open up a few possibilities; shrugs, cowls, worsted size scarves and shawls etc. It would be far too much yardage for things like hats though. I could offer three sizes in worsted: 200 yards, 200 yard twins (mirrored skeins for mittens etc.) and oversized skeins, but that might get to be a bit of a pain for us. Because our yarn is ombré and not variegated, it’s important to be able to hit that sweet spot for yardage, to minimize waste yarn and max out your possibilities, but that’s just me.

Thoughts? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know how you’d like your worsted!


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