Chateau Blue Brick

Chateau Blue Brick

Lots of change coming to us… yet again. I remember after we got married last October I told Tito ‘lets have a boring life for a year, let’s not start anything big’. So much for plans.

This year we really launched The Blue Brick. In fact, yarn is going so well for us that we rapidly outgrew our tiny 600 square foot condo. To live in a small space means being a champion at Tetris. Want to sew something? Clear off the dining table, move the drying yarn to the bedroom and bring the machine out from storage. Want to actually cook? Empty the kitchen of all the dyes and tubs, scrub down the counters and make them food safe before starting. You get the idea ;) This summer we put our beloved downtown pad on the market and bought a house in the burbs.

For anyone who knows me well… that’s basically the least likely thing I ever thought I’d do. We had a sweet spot, with a heck of a view, a 20 minute walk from my day job. Last night we went to the CNE, and we walked home. We could watch the air show from the balcony. I work in advertising all day, and I loved it. Total yuppie.


Toronto is the centre of the universe, just ask any of us! And we lived at the centre of the centre, basically right beside the CN Tower. Non stop action, proximity to tons of restaurants, right beside the lake, right in the heart of the city.

And yet, it was time for a change because it also meant small spaces, bad traffic and big crowds. And I’m ready for a change. I don’t love my job like I once did. I love quiet things and heritage arts and beautiful yarn. I love the idea of cottage industry, indie business and striking out on your own. It’s a complete 180 for me.


Welcome to Chateau Blue Brick, (all photos are from the realtor listing, not our decor because of course I’m planning to have a Pinterst-worthy home… hopefully? Again… plans.) which we’re closing on in exactly 2 weeks. It’s in Burlington, about an hour from Toronto in good traffic (good traffic? What’s that?). I’m in love.


The Blue Brick will have a basement all to itself where it can stretch out, make a mess, and then be invisible when we are done for the day. We will no longer live in the studio.


I will have a craft room where my sewing machine, weaving loom and spinning wheel will always be available to me. Tito will have one as well, so painting, sculpting and drawing now has a quiet, dedicated space.


It’s time for a kitchen that is actually food-safe, all the time. I love to bake, and I love fresh bread and fruit and sweet things. Our kitchen will never again have to double as our studio.


The garage will likely never contain an actual vehicle. Tito has plans for a woodworking space, and I dream of being able to start up my pottery again (yarn bowls!!).


There is a backyard. To a city gal, the idea of a dedicated, private piece of actual land, with trees and seating seems like a crazy dream. It’s a decent size, with a big patio and a gazebo that we plan to put hammocks in. There will be barbecues and reading and napping.

Toronto is beautiful. It’s crazy, it’s crowded, it’s full of stimulation and the exchanging of ideas. It’s full of culture and energy and I love every gritty inch of it. But it’s time for change, it’s time for space, and it’s time for The Blue Brick to have room to grow again. While there may initially be some culture shock, we’re totally excited for the new adventure!

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