Hubby’s Christmas Socks

Hubby’s Christmas Socks

Last November, the folks over at Yarn Canada asked if I would give a review of Patons Kroy Socks. I picked out a few colours and cast on… for socks of course :) First favourite thing? They’re self-striping. The stripes are perfect, and it’s possible to get quite OCD about it… which I did.




The second thing is the robust nylon content, 25%, which makes for nice, sturdy socks.


The third thing is the yarn itself; not merino, but wool, so I expected it to be scratchy but was pleasantly surprised. It’s not splitty either, which provided a nice, comfortable knit. The yardage is also quite decent, 166 yards per 50g ball. I bought two balls because I wanted longer socks, but one ball would do for, say, a pair of ankle socks (unless you were picky about matching stripes, in which case maxing out your yardage will be tough).


Hubby loves his so much that I’ve cast on a pair for myself :) So yes, I would definitely knit with it again. Personally, I prefer merino/nylon blends, but sometimes you just need a really hard-wearing sock (think hubby in construction) and this yarn fits the bill.


You can see the full selection of Patons Kroy Sock yarns here. Pattern is Kate Atherley’s Basic Ribbed Sock (which is very awesome and totally free). Ravelry project page here.


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