Jazzed Up Poly Clay Jewellery

Jazzed Up Poly Clay Jewellery


I’ve been experimenting with using metal inclusions and resin coatings to jazz up my polymer clay jewellery – and to give them a more polished feel overall.


There are other benefits, besides the aesthetic ones; the resin lends not only shine, but strength to polymer clay jewellery, allowing it to take a lot more pressure before it cracks. This is especially useful with brittle clays.


Even the pieces above, created with leftover extrusion canes and scrap clay, look like intentionally designed piece of jewellery when you add metal and resin to frame the lovely patterns created by the clay.


And when you add silk screening, like the piece above, the results are so lovely!


For this one, I have used a laser jet print and a simple transfer technique to create the tree motif.


I will be writing up tutorials for adding the metal elements, and also for the laser jet transfer just as soon as I can! In the meantime I wanted to share some pics, I love the shiny, polished feeling results.

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