KW Knitters Fair

KW Knitters Fair

Two more sleeps to the 25th Anniversary of the KW Knitters Fair – the oldest fiber festival in Canada if I have my facts right :) Here are a few notes to help you plan your day if you’re going to come visit us!


We will be located on the upper floor, in booth 101. It looks like we’re right by the entrance, so make sure you wave as you come in!


Sometimes a colour just stops singing to you, and that’s what happened with Mt. Fuji. Introducing its sister, Cape Spear. Cape Spear is in Newfoundland, and it’s the first place in North America to see the sun each day, being the easternmost point, which makes it a pretty special place. This photo was taken at sunrise, of course! Cape Spear will making its debut this weekend, and Mt. Fuji is being discontinued, the last of which will also be at our booth this weekend.

Above are a few one-of-a-kind skeins that will be available only this weekend. From left to right:

  • A palindrome mint green that fades to blue at both ends, speckled with brown.
  • A palindrome denim blue, darkening to navy at both ends, also speckled.
  • A short run of the Copper Slate pop-up colour, in case you missed out.
  • A bit of Coral Mint (not shown) will be there as well.

All of the above is in pretty short runs, 12>. So if they’re on your list you’ll want to visit us early!

Yarn Bowls will make an appearance as well! To help you prep, here is the pricing:

  • Small bowls – $65
  • Medium Bowls – $75
  • Large Bowls – $85
  • Bowls with resin components – $120


Of course there will also be all of our regular colours, gorgeous samples, Ombré Yarn books and our lovely selves! Hope to see you all this weekend :)

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