September Pop-up – Copper Slate

September Pop-up – Copper Slate

September! Cool temperatures, changing colours, the hazy dog days where you can sweat through the afternoon and need a sweater by sundown. Knitting, hot drinks, all things pumpkin. Even though it’s still technically summer for more than half the month, I know I’m not alone in wanting to jump the gun a bit where fall is concerned.

Introducing Copper Slate, a colour I love so much it will be seriously hard not to add it to our permanent line. Copper Slate will be available in our online store starting September 1st at 9am, until Sept 2nd at 9pm, Eastern Standard Time.


Eyeshadow link here, Door link here.

This month I went full autumn, it feels more like November than September, rustic and neutral, yet the colours remain quite warm overall. It feels like days when the snow hasn’t quite come yet, but the leaves are gone. It feels like fireplaces, apple cider and your favourite corner for reading.


A warm, rusty red, almost cayenne, blends into a neutral slate blue. Easy to wear, no matter your palette. Remember, it’s only up for 36 hours or so, in any base you like. Fall out!



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