Lace Shawl Design

Lace Shawl Design


I’ve been working on a new design for a few weeks now, and I think I’ve finally nailed it. Designing is a long process, with countless test knits, chart updates, and fiber tests, but it’s also very gratifying when you finally get there. This is my latest piece, designed to be knit both as a shawl and a generous wrap.


The yellow and blue ones are prototypes, but I wasn’t happy with the side panels (see how it’s kinda ragged at the bottom corners of the yellow one?) and the blue one has a different border entirely that just wasn’t working out for me. The blue one also has the drawback of coming from a 420 yard skein, and a little math told me it would not yield a shawl that was long enough for me.


This pink one is Tanis Fiber Arts, Silver Lable Mulberry Silk in a colour called ‘Papaya’. I am normally a blue-green person all the way, but this is the colour of the hour for me. The silver label base is luxurious, and happily, it comes in a 500 yard skein. It’s hot, and tropical, saturated and shiny, and you can imagine how welcome that is when the view outside at the moment looks like this:


I’m working away on the sample knit, and dreaming of summer while I’m at it :) More details as soon as it’s done!

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