Sick and Dyeing

Sick and Dyeing

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been hit with a crazy bad flu – sickest I’ve been in years.

I think I’m finally on the mend though, but alas there is very little to show for the time I was sick except for one dyeing experiment and the progress I’ve made on the lace shawl (which I am now naming ‘Sandy’ after my mom, because this is totally moms colour and mom loves shiny, feminine things).

I present the skein of ‘That looks just like all your other sh$@t’:

IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8649

And the progress on ‘Sandy’ which passed the halfway mark of the skein at 28 inches by 12.5 (blocked) so I’m proceeding with more confidence knowing that the final blocked size of the scarf will be a respectable 56×12.5 inches. I’m hoping to cruise to the end of the sample knit in the next 2 weeks, after which I can get the wrap size version on my needles!

IMG_8652 IMG_8654


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