Look! I made myself a Bracelet! Take 2…

Look! I made myself a Bracelet! Take 2…

Gone forever…

Dragonfly Bracelet

The dragonfly bracelet is lost =o( not 2 days after I finally made matching earrings, I decided to wear it out of the house for the first time.

I hate the TTC

Witness, the absolute madness that is trying to board a train on the Yonge line during rush hour. I hate the TTC! I can’t wait til I buy my condo and am back downtown again where I can walk everywhere =o)

Dragonfly bracelet

To return to my sordid tale: while on that horrid, sweaty, crushing, stampede to get on a train my lovely bracelet was torn from my wrist and lost forever. I discovered it missing when I got to work. I was pretty upset, to be honest, it didn’t seem fair. If I had bought it I wouldn’t care, but because I made it, it felt like someone had broken a piece of my pottery.

So…I mourned it’s loss, and have made another bracelet for me, much less expensive, less delicate and therefore less worrisome.

Swarovski and filigree bracelet

Here it is – very pretty, and quick and easy to make. Caribbean blue cubic swarovski beads with antique bronze filigree findings. Done. Simple. Ok, so I used a toggle clasp, but the whole thing just feels more secure than the gorgeous-but-tricky oversized dragonfly clasp of yore.

In a way, it’s just as much ‘me’ as the other one – I love filigree and I love the colour turquoise and I love antique bronze. I also don’t tend to be big on bling. That having been said, I’ll certainly be re-making a new ‘expensive’ bracelet for myself to wear on dressier occasions (with a better clasp this time!)

Cute little lantern earrings finish it off. The earrings I made for the previous bracelet are still with me, and I still love wearing them just by themselves.

Hey, speaking of how much I love turquoise, I treated myself to a gorgeous skein of TFA Blue label yarn in Mallard for my first shawl in the Travelling Woman pattern! Pics to come soon, I’ve finished the set-up rows and am ready to start the lace, this shawl moves along very quickly. Once my first shawl is out of the way I think I might finally treat myself to a skein of TFA’s Mulberry silk yarn for the next one.

it may not be the original, but it’s an adorable bracelet in it’s own right and I’m enjoying wearing it =o)

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