Photography flashback – Italy

Photography flashback – Italy

the colosseum

Lots going on lately – so much that I’ve hardly had time to blog. One very cool thing is that I’ve been asked to display some photography at the corporate head office for Cadillac Fairview. I’m very honoured to be asked to contribute art to such a prestigious company. The selection is going to be mostly based around my photography in Italy, so I thought I’d share some of my personal favourites from the gorgeous city of Rome. The shot above is of the Colosseum.


This shot is one of my favourites. It’s a puddle on the ground in a narrow little side street. My favourite detail is the feather :)

Rome subway

The subways in Rome are coated in graffiti.

Rome Scooter

There are scooters all over the place, but one of the reasons I love this shot is that I’m pretty sure that seat was coated using someone’s tablecloth!

Rome sidewalk art

Sidewalk chalk artist.


This was one of my best known shots of Rome because it led to this Inspira Bracelet. The version above was made for my dear friend Esther.

Shireen Nadir

This photo was certainly my most popular shot – it was chosen for publication online and in print 2 years ago, in a special edition of National Geographic – the holy grail of photography! It was, and remains, a major highpoint of my photographic life.

Shireen Nadir

When in Rome (I love saying that!) I stayed with my amazing friend, and fellow photographer, Dina – she was standing right next to me when I took this picture. Though I don’t get to see her often, I love that we shared this moment.  As soon as she saw the picture on the back of my camera she declared it the best shot I’d ever taken :)

In other news…

  • My kitty is 100% better – hooray! That’s a load off ;o)
  • I’ve had some unpleasant visits to the physiotherapist where I’ve gotten some very humbling news about my knee injuries.
  • Despite above mentioned knee injuries I am preparing to start the formal training period for my Nidan (Second degree black belt. See? Crafters can be cool too!)
  • I completed my downpayment savings and I’m shopping for my first mortgage! Yay! Debt! This is a day I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time.
  • More good news – my sweet cousin Billou had her first baby yesterday, and she’s gorgeous! I bid a very loving welcome to Zaara, and will be attempting to speed-knit a baby blanket to send to India.

My next posting will be of my gorgeous travelling woman shawl in TFA Mallard – it’s almost complete! I decided to go risque and see if I could squeeze three pattern repeats of chart A out of one skein – and I think it’s going to work out. I can’t wait to have it finished so I can show it off! I love the pattern so much I’m already planning another, this time in a worsted weight yarn. Thank you Tanis for recommending this – it’s a perfect first shawl pattern!

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