I’d like to take this post to showcase a project I was very honoured to participate in – the shoot for Luminousity, designed and conceived of by my dear friend, the incredibly talented stylist, Dylan Dias.

Dylan is amazing; he designs collections based around a concept – then produces his own book. He assembles his own team of models, books a photographer, make up artist and studio, designs the book and produces it himself.

His concept this time was to shoot entirely in black light. He used UV Reactive hair dye, and make up. I designed a piece of UV reactive jewellery and shot the collection. It was my first model shoot, and I had a blast! I was nervous at first but got into the zone easily, in fact I loved it so much I’m looking to do more fashion editorial. What I lack in fashion shooting experience I make up for in adverse light condition experience, the shots took a lot of work (don’t even ask about white balance, ugh) but I’m very happy with the results.

I want to congratulate Dylan; to design and conceive of, and plan and style something in light other than the light that it was going to be shot in takes real vision. We could have turned out the lights and turned on the strobes and this whole thing could have gone to hell. But it didn’t – we turned on those lights and were blown away and that’s all thanks to the skill and vision of a talented and dedicated artist.

Anyone looking to learn more about Dylan can click here to see his personal site, and previous collections.

Shanali is wearing a piece of jewellery that I designed for the shoot – I’ll blog about it soon! Thank you Dylan, for a great shoot :)

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