Luminouscity – Jewellery

Luminouscity – Jewellery

I wanted to share a few quick snaps of the jewellery that Shanali was wearing in the Luminouscity post – I literally assembled it at the studio, but I liked the effect :)

The intent was to use photo luminescent beads on black wire to create a cloud of floating dots of light. It was inspired by a photo I saw in a book of optical illusions when I was a kid.

I followed the basic technique for making a beaded tiara, except that I used a silver collar instead of a tiara. I learned the technique from a book called the Beaders Bible but the link to Spoilt Rotten Beads is good as well.

Testing it out in the UV strobes to make sure it worked ;)

I used three different sizes of UV Reactive beads to vary it up, and the hack was using electrical tape over the base at the end – to disguise the silver in the choker and also to keep the wire ends from hurting the model.

It was a very simple piece but it added something fun to the shots.

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