I needed a break from all the photography I’ve been processing- so I decided to do some more photography ;o) Fun shots though, instead of ‘working shots’. One of my favourite things to do is macro – you don’t have to go far to take great macro pics. I went no further than a vase of flowers on my table.

For the techy among you, I shoot with the Canon 7D.

The Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens.

And to get even closer, on top of the 100 mm prime I put kenko extension tubes.

An interesting thing about focusing when you’re shooting this close – no matter how sensitive your focusing ring is, it’s usually easier to just set your lens as close as it will go and then move toward and away from your subject until you have the shot in focus.

Shooting with a tripod is a good idea, it allows you to have a slower shutter. This water droplet would be tough to take hand-held. It’s fine with just the lens, but lens+kenko makes your camera an unwieldy object.

An ordinary gerber daisy becomes a fascinating landscape of texture and colour.

And that’s why I love macro =o)

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