There’s this maple outside my window that I can’t get enough of.


It’s so powerfully red right now, that when the sun hits it the entire living room turns this lovely golden red colour. A few days ago I bought home a leaf from said tree, and a new colourway was born.


Maple is rich and rustic. It can be a little bit Christmas, or a little bit autumn, but definitely feels seasonal. Deep red transitions to a brown/gold before deepening to black.


To go with the new colour, I’ve written a new hat pattern! This pattern will not be released for awhile because it’s part of a new project for me; my first pattern book. The book will be based around ombré, how to get the most from one precious skein of it, how to make sure all the colours get highlighted, and a collection of patterns to help you make projects where the ombré effect really shines.


There will be things for heads and hands and little ones and manly things and, of course, smooshy things for your neck. I’m not sure at all what my timeline is on this because it’s getting written in between all my other projects, but I just had to share this hat, which is the first official design that will be just for the book.


For the photographs I held a ridiculous selfie session in the backyard, just me and my knitting, and my patient Japanese Maple and some squirrels I’m certain were laughing at me. Maybe the Japanese Maple was as well… who knows?


Look for updates on my book as the project evolves! In the meantime, Maple is available in our online store :)



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