Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting

The move is officially done, we closed on the condo, and I can finally start to feel settled in the house. I decided to celebrate with a little lunchtime walk, and found this most excellent little antique shop not 10 minutes from my home: Greystone Fine Furniture. Here are my treasures!

Here is the strangest (certainly largest and heaviest) thing: it said ‘sleeve stretcher’ on the tag, but may also be an old ironing board. Weighing in at 30 lbs, the sweet staff didn’t want to let me carry it home, but I’m silly like that. No idea what we’re going to do with it… but it’s so cool! Maybe a shelf?


And just look at these antique sock forms! These are going on the wall in my crafting room, but not with the Kim’s Barn socks because they got stretched to heck just for this photo and I love wearing them too much to relegate them to the ornamental ;)


Ok, here is a sweet find; an antique jewellery cabinet. Do those slots look PERFECT for circular knitting needles? Yes, yes they do.

My last treasure is not really antique, but I’m delighted nonetheless. I’ve got this IKEA dresser in my crafting room that got damaged in the move:


The top got gouged pretty badly… and lets face it. It’s boring. So I bought these goodies:


More photos coming soon to show off how it all turns out! Did I mention I bought it all for a song? I’ll definitely be heading back to the store, it’s perfect for treasure hunting :)

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