Heading home in the morning and very reluctant to say goodbye to El Salvador! Expect lots of photography when I’ve had a chance to settle in and process :)

Until then though, I leave you with this lovely discovery. This is a Michelada.


Our lovely friends, Quique and Bertha-Alicia introduced us to this treat tonight. It’s tasty, spicy and utterly delightful :)

Here’s what about.com has to say about making one:


    1 ice cold Mexican beer (dark is better)
    coarse salt (for the rim)
    1/4 cup fresh lime juice
    1-2 dashes of hot chile sauce (such as Tabasco, Tapatio or Cholula)
    1 dashes of soy sauce
    1 dashes worchestshire sauce
    beer mug or large glass (chilled if possible)
    lime wedge for garnish


Salt the rim of the glass by wetting the edge with some of the lime juice then dipping it into a plate with salt on it. Now fill the glass about half way with ice and pour in the lime juice, chile sauce, soy sauce and worchestshire sauce. Mix with a spoon then slowly pour in the beer to the top of the glass. Push the lime wedge onto the edge and serve immediately.

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