I have been sooo busy these past few days, between work and packing … and work… and packing.

This condo is going to be gorgeous. I spent a ton of time putting my core skills to work in designing it, of course – I drafted a top-down, to scale schematic of the apartment and laid in each piece of furniture as I considered it to find the perfect fit. Everything is being delivered after the move and I already know where each piece will go. Tito and I are excited to see the space we’ve been planning finally emerge. It will be elegant and functional while maintaining an efficient and open layout for such a small condo.

In the meantime I’m also still planning on attending the Knitters Frolic this weekend, despite the proximity to our move. (Tito has known for weeks that we had to pack specifically to leave this weekend free for yarn shopping on Saturday and being at the Beading and Jewellery fair with mom on Sunday – and he doesn’t mind any of this. One of the things I love about him =) Speaking of the Knitters Frolic I just delivered 8 gorgeous new yarn bowls to the Purple Purl – look out for them at the show!

I’m also excited that my first sweater has been featured on the TFA Tuesday entry for Tanis’ Blog – Thanks Tanis!

Now, on to a few cute pictures.

These guys were the best part of Despicable Me! Who doesn’t want their own minion army?

Crochet Minion

I’m far from having a whole army – but I had to try making these cuties!

Crochet Minion

He (she?) can be found lurking around corners and in sock drawers. This one was gifted to my friend Chris, but someday I hope to have time to make a bunch!

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