Mothers Day Scarf 1

Mothers Day Scarf 1


First of all, I’m in love with my boat shuttle. it doesn’t snag on my warp threads, it can be shot through in one smooth movement, and best of all, it can be loaded up using a power drill in less time than it takes to make a smoothie.


I took extra care with this one because it was a gift, I was especially pleased with my hem-stitching.


Warp Yarn:

  • Brown: OOAK blue label scraps from Tanis Fiber Arts
  • Purple: Sweet Georgia Silk Crush in Amethyst (I think!)
  • Pink: Anzula Cloud in ‘Candied Apple’


Weft Yarn:

  • 15 picks (rows) of brown and pink are at each edge.
  • Scarf body: Tanis Fiber Arts Pink label in ‘Tartan’


I know the Tartan was completely swallowed up by the pink, and it didn’t shine the way it would have if I had used it on my own. I’m using a 12 dent heddle, so the warp threads are quite close.


I wanted something other than another pink for the weft though, and it had to be something with just enough variegation to keep the body of the scarf interesting. I regret nothing ;)


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