New FO – The Shattered Sun Shawl

New FO – The Shattered Sun Shawl

The Shattered Sun Shawl is from Sweet Georgia Knits in Vancouver. Designed by Felicia Lo – this pattern was so gorgeous that I cast on almost as soon as I saw it. Ravelry Project page here.

The recommended yarn was not carried anywhere here in Toronto, so I substituted for IndigoDragonfly MCN Sock – in a colour called ‘What the Hay!?’.


The pattern is well written and easy to follow. The complex looking lace is really only 2 rows and it was a quick knit for me. As a bonus I got to knit most of it in Boston :) This was my sunny casting off spot – in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library.

Like all newborn shawls it was wrinkly, not exactly pretty and way smaller than I’d expected…

… but it blocks out beautifully. Finished dimensions were 19″ deep and 43″ in the wings. I can’t wait to take it off the board and wear it – it’s so beautiful and summery looking.

For the record here is how I blocked it – I ran worsted weight blocking wires through the top and then flexible lace weight wires through the last row of yarn overs at the end of the lace. I blocked aggressively to open the lace right up.

For the ruffle border I just gently arranged it by hand in an even fan and left it to dry that way.

It’s a lovely little shawl – I haven’t tried to wear it yet but I think it’s safe to say I’m in love :)

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