Sewing FO – Throw Pillows!

Sewing FO – Throw Pillows!

I’d like to say that learning to sew has been very easy for me, and I suppose in a way it has. I’ve had an amazing teacher (thanks Tito!) and my other design experience has certainly come to bear when it came to making up a simple pattern (What Tito calls a safety margin, I call ‘bleed’. Printers terms translate better than you’d expect).

However, that’s not to say that there wasn’t lots of ripping out stitches, lots of cursing, a narrow escape from a drinking habit and lots (LOTS) of crooked stitches. Tito had to work to convince me that there was such a thing as ‘acceptably crooked’ in sewing, that cloth was forgiving and that no one would ever find themselves needing to draw a straight line armed only with one of my cushions.

Here they are, crooked or no I’m pretty pleased wi’ my bad self ;)

I got to enjoy a few new things. I made up my own pattern, I shopped in a Fabricland, I held up countless bolts of cloth and assessed them for cushiony factors and colours that I thought would match my home. It’s about 10x more fun than IKEA.

The Blue Brick is taking a Blue break until Monday evening – I shall return with many lovely photos of Boston :) Have a lovely weekend!

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