New Tonal Colours

New Tonal Colours

It’s when I really shouldn’t be doing anything new that I feel this driving need to do something new. I have my hands full for sure; my karate grading is in a little over a week, I’m into the heavy stages of pattern development/layout/photography and test knitting for Ombré Knits 2, and sometimes just running the store and keeping up with my dye schedule is as much as I can manage. And yet… when it seems like a terrible time to design and release new colours, inspiration strikes when it wants to, and you have to go with it. That’s part of being an artist.

Some of you have already seen these colours, and now they’re being added to our permanent line.

French Blue


French Blue is inspired by a gentle pottery glaze that I loved when I still had a studio. It reminds me a bit of blue hydrangea – soft with just a hint of violet.


The second colour that we’re playing for keeps is “Not Quite Sammy”.


Even though it’s really variegated compared to some of our other colours, folks really seem to groove on this sweet, gentle colour that doesn’t look at all like my dog, but was inspired by my dog. So it’s staying.

I have another colour in my mind that is a rich (don’t say it!) yellow. It’s saffron and turmeric, it’s ancient stucco and just a bit of terra cotta. Stay tuned for more things that I really shouldn’t be doing ;)

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