February Pop-Up – Ireland

February Pop-Up – Ireland


This month may be February, but we’re already thinking of March :) When I visited the Emerald Isle I was blown away, even in March, by the sheer greenness of the country.  Grass green, earthy green, blue-green, sea-green, you name it. The country is gorgeous, the people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met, and knitting has a rich history there (I actually got to visit Aran Island!).


Emerald green transitions through earth tones to deep brown. It’s a simple, elegant result that comes from a slightly more complex dye process; I don’t actually use green dyes for this. I do everything in a rich turquoise blue and then paint in burnt umber and gold tones to achieve this rich green.

Along with this months colour, we have a new base to announce! The winner of our yarn tasting event, introducing “Blue Mountain Sport”.


(Killarney Sock for comparison on the left, Blue Mountain Sport on the centre and right)

This is a heavy, rich base. It takes colour beautifully, at 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon. It’s so heavy it actually feels more like DK weight, and it comes in 350 yards of smooshy wonderfulness.


I’ll be designing around this base for the new book (release by April, stay tuned!) – it’s going to round out our offering nicely by giving folks a heavy cashmere option, great shine and solid stitch definition with no halo. We’re excited to offer this in all our colours come February 1st; tonal and gradients.


Ireland will be available in our _ombre_ section starting Feb 1st and lasting until the evening of Feb 3rd. Remember, this one is a gradient yarn, if you buy the Ireland in the tonal section it’s not the same thing (though it will be a lovely match).


Just in time to knit something for St. Paddy’s day :) Enjoy!

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