New year, new store :)

New year, new store :)

img_1823Changes are coming to The Blue Brick online store! You may have noticed that all of our colours are currently listed as ‘sold out’ and have been since Christmas. This is because we are changing our model; from dye-to-order to inventory based.

How inventory will work:

We will restock our store tomorrow with at least *a little* of everything. Some things will sell out quickly, so I’m going to give a time of 1pm EST for when the inventory will be made available. Every day we will dye up more yarn to restock and every Monday at 1pm EST we will list the new inventory. So if something you really wanted was out of stock, it will be one week at most before more is made available.

Our yarn is so time-intensive that we can only dye 20 skeins of it per day, so keeping a large inventory on hand has never felt practical, but we think it’s the best way forward.


How shipping will work:

We will ship every Monday, and the cutoff to make that shipment will be the previous Friday at noon. Orders received after that will be scheduled for the Monday following. For example:

I am planning to ship Monday January 16th. All orders received between Monday the 9th and Friday the 12th at noon will be on that shipment. Orders received after Friday the 12th at noon will be placed on the shipment of Monday the 23rd.

To sweeten the deal, we are launching three new colours; Grand Turk, Waterfall and Wheat Field; they will be available starting tomorrow (Grand Turk, like Prairie Storm and Peggy’s Cove, will not be available as twin sets unfortunately; these colours are too complex for me to compress them into such a short skein.).


I think our customers will welcome the new, predictable nature of both our shipping schedule and our inventory schedule; it takes the guesswork out of waiting for your yarn to arrive, which was an unfortunate side effect of dyeing-to-order. If you can order it, that means it’s already dyed, and we will put it on the next available shipment for you. It’s hard to remember this, but we have only been in business for 2 years, so there is still a lot of learning by trial and error going on!


I will do my best to keep our store stocked, so it doesn’t feel like an Etsy feeding frenzy where the items you want never seem to be available, but at 20 skeins a day that will be tricky in the beginning, so we ask a little patience as we make the switch over :)

Happy 2017 to everyone! Stitch on!

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