Opal or Grand Turk? Help me decide!

Opal or Grand Turk? Help me decide!

I’ve developed two colours recently, and I love them both, but they’re quite similar. I’m thinking I’ll only be releasing one of them to my permanent collection, so I’m reaching out to the internet for assistance. Here is Opal;

apc_0128 opal img_1962

And here is her close sister, Grand Turk;

grand-turk img_1963

Opal is brighter, more playful, the purple is a lightish pinkish lilac. The turquoise/green are bright and saturated.

Grand Turk is more intense, duskier, and the colours are overall darker. Here is a side-by-side comparison.


What do you think? Let me know and help me decide! We are plowing through inventory right now, trying to create enough to reopen our store and ditch the dye-to-order system in favour of having yarn on hand, which I’m sure will make everyone happier. I want to settle this before I decide which colours to make :)

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