Peggy’s Cove Ombré

Peggy’s Cove Ombré

IMG_8858Peggy’s Cove is a gorgeous little spot in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s a tiny town, with a lovely lighthouse, and a terrain that looks like you’re on the moon.


The town itself is equally lovely, population 640 (in 2011). The lighthouse itself dates back to 1868, but there has been a community on this spot since 1811.


The rocky terrain makes you feel like you’re on another planet, and I fell in love at first sight.


Of course, a Peggy’s Cove colour way had to come!


I chose to work from a photo I took at sunset. You can see people at the base of the lighthouse, and the top of the lighthouse is on. The sky is a surreal colour (unedited!) and the entire scene is very serene.


Peggy’s Cove graduates slowly from teal to cream, to pale pink and then to ocean blue/black. It’s gentle and colourful at the same time, and it will hit the Blue Brick online store on May 10th, along with a slew of new goodies!


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