New ideas and new directions

New ideas and new directions

Changes are coming to The Blue Brick! With mom being sick lately, I realized there was a need to streamline our processes, offer more of the most popular stuff and maybe put less energy into the things that are less popular, or that we don’t feel matches our business goals. I have some new things in the works, and I hope you’ll find them as exciting as I do!

  1. Sock Options
    Starting May 10th, when you select a base for your yarn, you will see two new options; Niagara MCN – Sock Option and Killarney Sock – Sock Option.
    What this means, is you’ll get two half skeins (200 yards each) of matched gradients, for socks/mittens/gloves etc. Both our Niagara MCN (70% Merino/15% Cashmere/15% Nylon) and our Killarney Sock (80% Merino/20% Nylon) have enough nylon to produce excellent, hard-wearing projects. If you’ve ever wanted ‘Rose’ or ‘Hyacinth’ in perfectly matched sock skeins, this is for you. If this sounds confusing, stay tuned to the blog for photos of how it will look :)
  2. Painter Palettes
    Again, starting May 10th, you’ll see new products appear in the store; ‘Painter Palettes’. A Painter Palette is 500 yards of either Killarney Sock, or Niagara MCN divided into 4 skeins (125 yards each) in complimentary, carefully curated colours. The possibilities, for intarsia, fair aisle, striping and multi-coloured shawls are endless! Here are some of the palettes I’ve been playing with, to give you an idea, this is ‘Eggshell’ and ‘Sunrise’.
  3. Complimentary Neutrals
    To add a perfect list of complimentary yarns for pairing with either our Ombré Yarns or our Painter Palettes, I will be developing a few neutrals. Jade will be one of them, and I will add cream, charcoal, and gray. For sweaters, multi-skein projects and blankets, this will give you a canvas within which to use your coloured yarns.

All other colourways that are not Ombré, Painter Palettes or Neutrals will be discontinued (which means that they’re currently on sale!).

It was a tough decision, but I need to streamline my efforts to produce the yarns I love most, and the products I do best. I want to continue to explore my love of colour, and I will do so though the Ombré line, the Painter Palette line, and my monthly club colours. Feel free as always to let me know your thoughts by emailing me: or leaving a comment below!


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