Photo-Take-Outter Friday #11 – Feathered Friends

Photo-Take-Outter Friday #11 – Feathered Friends

One of the most satisfying things to photograph are birds. They’re beautiful and graceful, colourful and elusive, sometimes also fast and camouflaged… all of which combines to make them that much more challenging and rewarding. Here are some of my faves, and where I took them. Every shot in this collection was the same lens; the Canon 100mm Prime f2.8.

Barn Owl, Vancouver Island BC

Budgies, Rome, Italy

Anhinga, Caño Negro, Costa Rica

Green Parrots – Agra, India

Brown Pelican, St Maartan

Emerald Hummingbirds, Quepos, Costa Rica

Emerald Hummingbird, Monte Verde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Spectacle Owl, Vancouver Island, BC

Jabiru, Caño Negro, Costa Rica

Kingfisher, Caño Negro, Costa Rica

Blue Heron, Victoria BC

Green Heron, St Maartan

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