Make All the Things!

Make All the Things!

These are my purchases from Saturday. They make me so stupidly happy that I had to share them. Incidentally, this photo contains my favourite colour range (ocean, earth) and my 2 favourite yarn artists – Tanis Fiber Arts and Viola Viola.

Viola Viola, alas, is not dying any more yarn for the time being. She’s headed to England to go on an adventure, and I wish her well. However, this did result in my purchasing every thing I wanted from her at the frolic, because hey, this is all there is now!

Believe it or not, it’s all planned for. Yep, I’m organized.

1. TFA Blue label yummy sock yarn. One of a Kind colourway, oh yeah! This one is destined to be paired up with this one of a kind TFA sock yarn that I purchased on Etsy a while back:

I’m joining the TFA Colour Knit Along, and using this beautiful pair to make the Colour Affection shawl.

2. Viola sock weight in a gorgeous ocean blue. Yes, it’s time to finally make the Cream and Sugar Cowl.

3. TFA again, a real treat for me: Orange Label AND a new colourway – Frost! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on either. This lovely stuff has got to end up around my neck somehow, it’s so soft and squishy and luxurious. This baby is destined for my new Jeanette cowl (pattern coming soon!).

4. Another gorgeous, earthy skein of Viola. So earthy that I might make a smallish, long Saroyan from it.

5. Dew Drop by Viola. So lovely and soft! This lovely toned down colourway contains such gentle variations, I know it’s destined for a lacy pattern, I just don’t know what – but I’ll know it when I see it.

6. My last Viola – this one needs to be a simple neck kerchief, something I can tie on, or wrap around easily. Either a simple, shallow, long triangle shawl or I might try to create a sock weight version of Purl Soho’s Bandana Cowl.

7. I saw this fabric and couldn’t resist. I’m sewing pillow cases right now and definitely don’t feel ready to tackle this with my current skill set – but when I do I’ve bought enough to make a lovely, girly, A-line skirt.

Oh, and the best part of the weekend? I got to give a yarn bowl to my favourite fibre Artist. Thanks Tanis!

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