Pretty little things

Pretty little things

Just a random smattering of what I’ve been up to lately – Enjoy!

Following on the fun I had with my swirly mugs I tried to take the same technique to this vase. One thing I’m realizing is that the shellac doesn’t form a complete barrier against the underglaze, but I kind of like it that way.

I love the colours – this was inspired by the white sand and blue green colours of the beaches in Maui – a place I have been wanting to return to so I could take up surfing.

Another random thing are these earrings I made on the weekend:

Mom and I saw these at the Swarovski store at the mall on the weekend and decided to make our own versions. I love them, and they’re a far cry from being $120 a pair ;o)

Genuine Swarovski orchids (I love how they look like trilliums) hanging from sterling silver chain.

The design was inspired by these but I humbly admit that I like my version better.

  • I’m not into hearts
  • These particular stones have a front and a back to them – which to me doesn’t make sense on a flashy, dangly earring. I’d rather know that the sparkle factor would be the same no matter which way it was hanging!

In other news my sweater is off the needles and blocking – I’ll try it on as soon as it’s dry, make the buttons this weekend and decide what I’m doing with the neckline (possibly a hoodie)

It’s going to be sunny and 8 degrees in Toronto this weekend, welcome April!

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