Adventures in dying wool (or how to not remind people of Jim Jones)

Adventures in dying wool (or how to not remind people of Jim Jones)

I needed lots of single serve packets of Kool-Aid – so I could have the most colour variety possible. I went to the Sobeys near my place and loaded up on about 30 single serve packets, in as many different colours as I could get. I took my findings to the cashier, where the person ahead of me in line kept glancing back at my absurd collection. I decided to clarify for him.

Me: I’m dying

Person: You’re What ?!

Me: Yeah, tonight – you can do it with Kool-Aid – did you know that?

If you want to try it yourself here are some basic guidelines (use superwash, natural fibers):

  1. Wash the yarn, and let it soak for about half an hour. Add a cup of vinegar (this helps the Kool-Aid be colourfast)
  2. Put the yarn on the stove and bring it to a very slow simmer. Doing this slowly is key, otherwise you might felt your yarn.
  3. Add the Kool-Aid – either pour the crystals directly into the pot, or mix with a little water to form a concentrated solution and add that to the pot. Needless to say, don’t add sugar ;o)
  4. You can add different colours to different parts of the yarn to produce a varigated yarn, or do the whole thing in one colour.
  5. Let yarn simmer for another half hour or so and then take it off the heat.
  6. When it’s cool, give it a gentle rinse and hang up up overnight to dry.

Here are some pics of my favourite self-dyed pieces =o)

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