Resin in the Sun

Resin in the Sun

One of the reasons Tito and I love selling at shows so much is that the jewelry looks lovely in the sun. In person, our work is lovely, and heavy and shiny, and seeing all our pieces spread out has a very candy-shop type of appeal. All the colours and details really shine in different kinds of light, check this out!

The first one I have to show off is our latest sterling silver piece. This one is heavy and highly polished with red Queen Anne’s lace inside.IMG_9957 IMG_9963

And this lovely set has metallic blue paint underneath the flower arrangements.

IMG_9969 IMG_9967

Here’s a set with metallic green;

IMG_9962 IMG_9961

And of course, pieces that are completely see-through really shine…

IMG_9971 IMG_9973

IMG_9977 IMG_9975

And just one quick shot of some pieces ready to mail to a customer. We finally got our new labels and business cards in, and the Blue Brick is feeling more and more like the cute indie business I want it to be :)


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