Woven Poncho/Cowl/Neck Thing

Woven Poncho/Cowl/Neck Thing


I had an idea, for a quick, easy, versatile poncho, and daringly decided to test-drive my idea using my Lucky Penny Wrap. The basic idea, is that you take your woven wrap (18″ x 65″ in my case) fold it in half, and attach three, evenly spaced fastening snaps to it, with space for a neck opening.

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The result is pretty cool, but I’ll say right off the bat that I don’t think the snaps are the right solution. They are hard to open and close, and place a lot of strain on the weaving. I will be looking into a few alternative options. In terms of the wearability of it though, I kinda like it.

My next approach will be to sew buttons on one side, and crochet button holes onto the other side. If that doesn’t work I’m considering reinforcing the weave with small iron-on canvas patches and adding leather strips to cover/decorate the area under the snaps. If you have any other ideas for how I can make this happen, send em my way :) I know there is a perfect solution out there!

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