Return to the Sea – a Colour Tale

Return to the Sea – a Colour Tale

You may have noticed that ‘Seafoam’; a staple colour at The Blue Brick, is looking a little different. So different in fact, that I had to rename it, introducing ‘Iceberg’.


There is a reason this happened. We changed our dye supplier and began ordering bulk amounts, so imagine my surprise when I purchased an entire pound of turquoise dye… and it didn’t look right. Our colours progressively got deeper and more saturated, until it no longer matched the original photo at all. Not cool. The old seafoam had looked like this:


So while this is normally not my MO – I renamed the new colour and, using the new dyes, resigned seafoam entirely to be more seafoam’y.


The new colour is a much better match, and allows Iceberg to shine on as it’s own, much more intense colour. The new Seafoam is gentle and beachy. Think sand, seaglass, white beaches and tropical scenery. Needless to say, this particular photo is not from Canada (though the iceberg photo was taken in Newfoundland, of course!).



Get your hands on the new seafoam, along with lots of other goodies at the KW Knitters Festival this weekend!

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