Starry Night Pattern Release

Starry Night Pattern Release

Starry night, the one-skein shawl pattern is available on Ravelry! You can see the Ravelry project page here. “Starry Night” was designed for 1 precious skein of luxury sock yarn; The Blue Brick’s December/January club colour in a merino/cashmere/stellina blend for 420 yards of smooshy, sparkly goodness.


The pattern itself works equally well with variegated and tonal yarns, and is an easy, mindless knit, while producing a beautifully textural shawl. Large needles make the piece fly by, and allow you to block to a very generous size if desired.

| Pattern notes:
‘Starry Night’ is structured such that you can begin the openwork at any time, and switch back to the ribbed texture at any time, so the pattern is very easy to customize to different yarns and different tastes. This pattern as written is designed to use up almost all of a 420 yard skein of fingering weight yarn; the sample had 5g of yarn remaining after cast off.


ERRATA: Thank you to Knottyengr for finding these!

There should be four markers in the set up row, which is worked as follows:
Set up row 1: Slip 1, k1, place marker, yo, kfb, place marker, k1, place marker, kfb, place marker, yo, k2. (11 Stitches total)

There are 18 repeats for the initial body section, not 8.

So, on the topic of errata, I am looking for a test-knitter for the February club. Here are the details:

  • One-skein project
  • DK weight, (about 256 yards)
  • Cables
  • Short-rows
  • Mattress stitch.

It’s not terribly complex, but I am looking for someone who is comfortable with both charts and written instructions (I provide both) and can work to a deadline (2 weeks from the delivery of the yarn/pdf). I can offer you the skein of club yarn for free, the pattern (of course) and $50 in compensation for your time and talents (so I would prefer someone with a paypal address). If interested, please email me at with a quick description of yourself, your comfort level with the above and any past test-knitting projects that you’d like to share with me. Looking forward to hearing from you!




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