Time to Grow

Time to Grow

Big news at the Blue Brick today ! One thing I learned over the holidays, and with our first club shipment is that the Blue Brick has grown beyond the ability of Tito and I to run it on our own without leaving our day jobs, so we are bringing on the most capable, organized, committed, consummate professional I know; my dad.

Starting in February, daddy will be taking shipping, book keeping, inventory, databasing, and tax filing off my plate, allowing The Blue Brick more room for growth, productivity, and creativity. This means more time to devote to my true loves; designing patterns and colourways.

It also means more yarn, more colours, a signature line (coming soon!) and less frustration at Etsy checkouts. I think you will all be thrilled with the new things we’ll be able to bring to you.

In the meantime, the Blue Brick will be closed for 2 weeks while we get organized. When we reopen, I’ll have the new 40 Shades of Green pattern ready for you, and a much smoother club experience for everyone. The Etsy store will still be open for patterns and the resin jewellery book, but all yarn will temporarily go missing.

I’m looking forward to this. Change is good, growth is good, and the Blue Brick is becoming a true family business, which is what I’ve always wanted for it. Exciting things are coming!

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