Storms over Rochester

Storms over Rochester

Tito and I both know that photography is sometimes about being willing to drop whatever you’re doing, no matter how tired you are, and go grab your camera. So tonight, when we were both dead to the world and Tito called me out to the balcony to point out that there was an electrical storm on the other side of Lake Ontario (in what I believe to be Rochester) then you know we had to get out the cams and start clicking.

It was an incredible sight. From where we stood it was like being at eye level to the storm. There was no lack of opportunity as the storm flashed on for a good hour. It gave us a privileged glimpse into the storm cloud itself.

Here are my faves from the night :) Tired or no, I couldn’t wait to process them, and share them, both here and on my photography site. If you are interested in prints, please click here to give it a look, but either way I hope you enjoy these!

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